I develop the total export work with a tire wheel in Maine!

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The reservation is this the order for tire & wheel

I can perform finest quality goods tire & wheel which our store handles from this [order form].
You can order it as a product reservation when we do not have stock.
Please fill in a column of order form lowest [requests] with an order or the reservation hope then.
The visitor wanting a tire tire wheel set, please input on the part of the orange background in [order form].
The visitor wanting a wheel, please input on the part of the purple background in [order form].
Our store sells the new product, but sells Used product to Maine mainly.
As a new product may be in short supply, in the case of hope, please fill in a [request] column with contents with a new article.

※I accept the inquiry of the email for 24 hours, but cope about after 19:00 and the inquiry of Sundays and holidays on the next day on weekdays.
 (we reply to you as much as possible within 48 hours. Please wait for the communication from us.)
※Please input the required item by all means.

    The name (Required item)

    E-mail address (Required item)

    E-mail address confirmation (Required item)

    Shipping address (Required item)

    ※Please input in English.

    Country or Region

    Street Address

    Street Address2



    ZIP Code

    Phone number (Required item)

    Product choice desired
    (Required item)

    ※Plurally select it.

    TireTire wheel setWheelTruck tire

    Tire size

    ※Please input tire size you like in 0 0 0 / 0 0 R 0 0 forms.  Example) 155/65 R13  Please input successively after emptying a blank in the case of plural hope.  When you want a tire wheel set, please input here.

    The number of purchase hope tires

    Purchase hope tire maker

    ※Plurally select it.


    Type of the tire which you buy

    Radial tireStudless tire

    Wheel size

    ※Please input wheel size in 0 0 X 0 0 J forms.  Example) 15 X 6.5J  Please input successively after emptying a blank in the case of plural hope.

    Wheel PCD

    The number of the wheel holes

    ※Plurally select it.

    4 holes5 holes6 holes4 hole Maruti5 hole Maruti4-5 hole Maruti10 hole MarutiOthers

    Wheel hub diameter

    ※Please input wheel hub diameter in 0 0 0mm forms.  Example) 73mm

    Wheel offset

    ※Please input a wheel offset in +0 0 or -0 0 form.  Example) +40

    The number of the purchase hope wheel

    The wheel maker which you want to purchase

    ※Plurally select it.

    Toyota genuineLexus genuineNissan genuineHonda genuineMazda genuineSubaru genuineSuzuki genuineDaihatsu genuineor other genuine articleBridgestoneWORKRAYSWEDSAMEOZ racingBlack racingENKEIMana leiNKBBBSZEPHYRZACKWILCOXVOLTECPro driveGARTMAIERRS Watanabeor other outside a company building product

    The wheel type that you want to purchase



    Is it not different in application contents?

    Please check it if reliable.

    Please input a security code


    お電話ください!(Please call !)     TEL 019-681-2796 受付時間(Time in) AM10:00~PM18:00
    木曜定休日 (Closed on Thursdays)

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