I develop the total export work with a tire wheel in Maine!


Used tire & wheel high price purchase!

Please sell tire & wheel which became unnecessary to us.
Do you have the old tire not to use for the warehouse?
An MS Company is a company with the expensive purchase results of prefecture No. 1!
The professional staff of the tire lets you mourn over speed assessment just to bring a tire to our store!
Let alone a corporation, the personal visitor is welcome, too! I show the satisfactory estimate of the visitor for the cause with purchase market price.

It is a good news toward the wish by the mass disposal of the bicycle which became unnecessary!
I do all Pick up regardless of an age type and a genre.
An inquiry from the group of government offices, a prefecture, the city and the local government, corporation is welcome.
Please call our store and call at bicycle Pick up.
※I do not perform the Pick up request from an individual.

I am carrying out business trip purchase & Pick up for exclusive use of a corporation, a supplier, the local government where tire & wheel & bicycle is owned in large quantities!
When you think of paid disposal, please talk with our store by a telephone or an email!

Purchase system of the relief

The MS Company is an excellent shop of the relief of the Iwate Public Safety Commission permit acquisition!
We buy it with responsibility as valuables not waste.
In addition, the taking care of of the disposal tire wheel is possible as I acquire the industrial waste collection transportation work permit.
As for all purchase & Pick up, leave it to us!
◆Industrial waste collection transportation permission
◆Iwate Public Safety Commission permission The211030000961st
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