I develop the total export work with a tire wheel in Maine!

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The finest product store sale

We sell new & high quality used tire wheel which is higher than 500 regular items in store and net auction!
It is the assortment of goods of all genres from a light car to large truck size!
I have the set product of advantageous foil & tire to a new article, used goods a lot.

The brightness such as totally high-quality accessories! The finest aluminum wheel corner is unmissable.

I perform the advantageous campaign sale of the new product! The method to set it in a mass in winter at the turning point of the season summer, and to purchase is recommended!
(※there is the time when I do not perform the handling of the campaign product)

Work on installation at a reasonable rate quickly

We can offer tire recombinant work speedily at time when you purchased a tire wheel in our store!
Call me to the staff in the shop by all means.
One tire exchange, recombinant work rate (tax-excluded price)
To 12 inches – 15 inches of light cars For 1 car US $ 27.00
Car 16 inches … (prices are different every size) For 1 car US $ 36.00~
Desorption of the tire with the wheel For 1 car US $ 18.00

Tire wheel custody service

Furthermore, in our store, I perform the custody service of your tire wheel which I removed!
Tire exchange is possible easily only by our store coming over if a season of the tire exchange comes in the next season! Specifically, call me to the staff.
One tire wheel 1 season storage rate (tax-included price)
Light car For 1 car US $ 19.5
Car For 1 car US $ 29.00
19 inches of … For 1 car US $ 39.00

Net auction sale

Most products are free shipping by the auction sale! Market price and the purchase at the price not to change very much are possible.
The number of the evaluations of the new account increases smoothly and usually has a lot of good evaluations.
(when you choose an upper image, an MS Company auction exhibition list page opens)

お電話ください!(Please call !)     TEL 019-681-2796 受付時間(Time in) AM10:00~PM18:00
木曜定休日 (Closed on Thursdays)

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