I develop the total export work with a tire wheel in Maine!

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We sell Japanese ground object used goods to world wide!

The MS Company performs the trade duties that a world is wide.
I export quality goods tires made in Japan which I bought in Japan in large quantities for all the countries of the world and sell it.
The tire made in Japan selected carefully in our staff has very good reputation abroad.

The MS firm is recruiting overseas business partners

The MS Company recruits overseas business partners.
A current business partner is wide with Russia, China, Korea, Africa.
We want to have people of the world use a high-quality reuse tire made in Japan.
I demand an overseas supplier thinking about the handling of the tire made in Japan and a supplier selling a reuse tire as now.
Please talk about the details from an inquiry page.

The container loading situation at the time of the overseas shipment!

I arrange a large container truck in our very large yard on exporting it.

We load a tire onto a container

We load a tire one by hand heaping up each.
They load the tire from approximately 1,200 to 2,000 onto one container and leave for foreign countries.

We load a bicycle onto a container

We load a reuse bicycle by hand heaping up one by one carefully not to be damaged if possible.
They load the reuse bicycle about approximately 600 onto one container and leave for foreign countries.

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